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Meeting Room


It's time to embrace our new normal, a blend of in-office and remote workers in every meeting. Learn how you can support a hybrid workforce and provide technology-driven experiences in every space. From enhanced creativity and productivity, to industry-leading video collaboration, we have solutions to help your teams perform better in every environment. Integrating with the most popular video conferencing platforms: Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, Google Meet and others.

"Transforming workplaces so teams can get work done"

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A personal setup where you can work by yourself, while being connected to the world. Keep your meetings professional with optimal microphone placement, exceptional audio output, and the best video quality in the market today.

Personal Office
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Huddle Room


Gather the team together in an everyday workspace and bring in remote participants. Huddle spaces are small open areas or rooms, often used by two or more people locally for meetings. When equipped with audio, video, and display system technology, these spaces have the flexibility to easily include remote team members. Teams can collaborate on projects, including content creation, brainstorming, and more.

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Cisco Meeting Room


Bring a greater level of sophistication to your meeting rooms. Our custom solutions provide 4K displays and cameras, high quality audio with a simple-to-use interface. Keep everyone informed and engaged by sharing nearly any type of content during a meeting or event. A high-quality video conference can make participants feel like they’re right in the room with the people they’re meeting with, even if everyone is actually far away.

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The acoustic conditions of your room play an important role for both video calls and local meetings.

The three primary acoustic factors for the meeting experience are:

  • Reverberation in the room

  • Noise levels (background noise)

  • Sound insulation between the room and the surrounding environment

In a video conferencing room, the acoustic experience depends on the combined effect of the above-mentioned factors of your room and the other meeting participants' room.
Consequently, acoustic requirements for video conferencing are stricter than for other rooms. What makes the acoustic experience more difficult to evaluate during a video call, is that some aspects of the acoustic experience caused by your room may only be apparent to the far-end meeting participants.

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To make video meeting participants have the best appearance, they should be lit with light coming from both the front (fill), top (key) and back. The top light is the main illumination of the subject. The front light is added to avoid dark shadows over participants eyes and improves eye contact. Back light makes the subjects stand out from the background and gives depth to the scene. To achieve this, use a glare-free luminary with a beam angle of 90° or wider, as it will serve as both key light, as well as fill and back light, when distributed evenly throughout the room.

Wearing Masks in Office


Despite drastic changes, the office is here to stay. It serves as the central hub for people to participate in rich collaboration experiences, build rapport with colleagues, and connect to the work culture and community. With a hybrid workplace model, you can expect a rotating cast of office workers. Technology is needed to assist them in finding available spaces to work and collaborate, while providing a safer working environment. A decreased office footprint provides the opportunity to extend technology-driven, intelligent experiences in every space.

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